Specific treatment inspired by cosmetic cryotherapy to slim the waist and hips.
Innovative slimming treatment, inspired by cosmetic cryotherapy, designed specifically to reduce fat deposits on the tummy and hips and to freeze the activity of adipocytes. Reduces the circumference of the waist and hips in just two weeks with just one application a day. Gel texture with cryogenic and toning effect.
Clinically proven efficacy
CLINICAL TEST The effectiveness was scientifically proven by means of a 4-week Instrumental-Clinical Test (Ref. number E0120), on fat deposits located on the tummy and hips of 50 volunteers. Significant results after just 2 weeks of treatment. CLINCIALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS After two weeks of treatment, the circumference of the hips was reduced by 2.1 cm and after four weeks, by 3.0 cm. Overall average value on 50 women.
Tummy-hips Tummy-hips
Gel Gel
Cool fresh effect Cool fresh effect
How to Use it
Apply Tummy and Hips Slimming Cryogel daily for at least 2 weeks. For better slimming results, continue the treatment for 4 weeks. Use the product on the tummy and hips. 1. Apply the slimming product with circular movements from right to left, following the roundness of the tummy area. 2. To get rid of fat deposits, use the “pincé roulé” (pinching-rolling) technique, i.e. pinch the skin with your fingers and roll from the bottom upwards. We recommend performing several cycles of treatment throughout the year, also in combination with or alternating with other body treatments.
For whom
IDEAL FOR Skin with localised fat deposits on the tummy and hip area.
Why buy
Because it takes advantage of cold therapy, leaving your skin fresh and toned.
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