Intensive anti-cellulite treatment. Cellulite is an inflammation of the skin tissue that presents itself as fat nodules, which are responsible for orange peel skin and water retention. A complete routine is essential to effectively fight it.

Somatoline Cosmetic Heat-Activated Cellulite Cream is a treatment specifically formulated to combat all signs of cellulite. Its heat-activated cream formula with a warm effect is enriched with specific active ingredients, such as 5% caffeine, ginger extract and escin, which reactivate the microcirculation and exert a complete action against cellulite. It is easily absorbed.

Clinically proven efficacy

Clinical Tests
The effectiveness of this product has been proven by a placebo-controlled instrumental-clinical test conducted on 37 women with cellulite.

After 15 days of treatment:

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite nodules by 21% (evaluation of improvement in the appearance of cellulite);
  • Smooths the skin by 23% (evaluation of improvement in the appearance of the skin).
Results double after 4 weeks of treatment.

Body Body
Ice-effect-warm Ice-effect-warm
How to Use it
Areas of use: Apply the cream on the thighs and massage by gently pushing the skin upwards until the cream is completely absorbed. Apply daily for at least 15 days. For even better results, continue the treatment for up to 4 weeks.
For whom
IDEAL FOR Skin with cellulite in the area of the legs, thighs and buttocks, skin with "orange peel" texture or with water retention. It is suitable for all types of skin, even those with fragile capillaries.
Why buy
Because it reduces cellulite and has an intensive action on "orange peel" skin, giving it a pleasant warm feeling.
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