Drainage Wraps Shock-reducing action

The draining effectiveness of Somatoline Cosmetic inspired by beauty salon wraps, in the highest concentration of salt
An innovative professional “shock” treatment that uses the osmotic process to drain intensely and promote a reducing action on the first application. At the heart of its effectiveness is a formula containing a precious salt mixture with an intensive osmotic action: Unrefined salt, rich in essential trace elements, and magnesium sulphate, which, applied as a wrap, drain the liquids stagnated in the tissues, helping to eliminate toxins and stimulate the reactivation of the skin's microcirculation. It also contains Vegetable Escin, Caffeine and other cosmetic active ingredients that: • Promote drainage and reduce the circumference of the areas treated • Improve skin microcirculation • Lighten tissues weighed down by water retention • Stimulate the reactivation of physiological lipolytic processes. Enriched with birch oil which has a toning action that leaves the skin soft, silky and smooth.
Clinically proven efficacy
CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS Instrumental-clinical test conducted on 30 women with water retention located on the thighs, legs and ankles and swelling in the legs, after 50 minutes of treatment: • Reduces the circumferences of the thighs (-1.3cm), knees (-1.4cm) and ankles (-1.2cm) • Improves the appearance of "orange peel" skin by 43% • Promotes drainage of fluid from the ankles and knees; • The skin appears hydrated and toned (Clinical Evaluation by dermatologist); Instrumental proven effectiveness in 100% of women tested
Legs Legs
1x week 1x week
Bandages-comfortable Bandages-comfortable
How to Use it
1) Apply the soaked wraps around the leg starting from the ankle, and overlapping the edges by about 1 cm; do not wrap too tightly. When you reach the knee, extend the leg and continue wrapping up to the groin area. 2) Secure the end under the last turn of the wrap. 3) Put on the trousers and tie them with a knot. 4) Relax and leave it to work for approximately 50 minutes. 5) Remove the wraps and massage away any residue with upward movements to intensify the effects of the treatment. THE WRAPS ARE WASHABLE AND CAN BE REUSED WITH THEIR REFILL. KEEP THE BAG AS DIRECTED. PREPARATION FOR SUBSEQUENT USE Rinse the “open and close” bag thoroughly and make sure it is dry. Wash the wraps by hand with lukewarm water and mild soap, allow them to dry thoroughly. Roll them up and place them in the bag for subsequent use. Use Drainage Wraps Refill for subsequent treatments.
For whom
IDEAL FOR Skin with localised fat deposits on the legs, thighs and buttocks, for an intensive draining effect.
Why buy
Because the results are visible from the very first application, leaving the skin soft and pleasantly scented. Their comfortable stretch fabric allows the wraps to adapt easily to the areas to be treated, exerting a pleasant compressive massage that helps to stimulate the skin's microcirculation and to make the drainage action more effective. The trousers worn over the wrap also create a “sauna effect” that improves the cosmetic result for more toned and lighter legs.
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