1. Amincissant 7 Nuits Ultra Intensif Gel Frais Maximum Somatoline Cosmetic slimming efficacy in just 7 nights in a fresh textured gel
  2. Amincissant 7 Nuits Ultra Intensif Crème The maximum Somatoline Cosmetic slimming efficacy in just 7 nights
  3. Amincissant Detox Nuit Eliminates skin toxins and burns fat thanks to an innovative formula enriched with detoxifying and slimming active ingredients of natural origin.
  4. Amincissant Natural Nature-based ingredients for a new effective slimming product. The first Somatoline Cosmetic slimming treatment 95% natural ingredients.
  5. Amincissant Zones Rebelles Reduces the most stubborn adipose deposits found on the hips, thighs, knees and arms.
  6. Anti-cellulite Crème Thermoactive Crème thermoactive à effet chaud, absorption rapide. Action intensive sur les signes de la cellulite.
  7. Drainant Remodelant Jambes The cold gel whose action aims to drain and remodel the shape of the legs
  8. Remodelant Tonifiant Use&Go A remodeling milk spray that applies in a few seconds and allows to dress immediately. Ideal after sports.
  9. Ventre et Abdomen 7 Nuits Slims the area in just 7 nights while you sleep. Easy to use, massage and is fast absorbing.
  10. Abdominaux Top Definition Tones and slims the abdominal area in just 2 weeks. Ideal during training.