7 Nights slimming Gel cool effect - 400 ml

All the effectiveness of the osmotic salt formula for an ultra-intensive slimming treatment with results in just 7 nights. Fresh gel texture
Ultra-intensive treatment that uses cryotherapy for an effective slimming and draining action in just 7 nights, while you sleep. Its osmotic salt formula contains Unrefined Salt, rich in trace elements, natural Sericoside and Algae Extract which: • Perform a lipolytic action that enhances the reduction of fat deposits; • Promote drainage of excess skin fluid; • Combat the formation of new fat deposits; • Even out the skin, making it smoother and softer. Fresh gel texture
Clinically proven efficacy
Clinical Tests The effectiveness of this product has been proven in a placebo-controlled instrumental-clinical test conducted on 102 women with mild to moderate fat deposits on the surface of the skin, located on the hips, thighs and waist. CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS - The circumference of the hips is reduced by 1.4 cm in 7 nights* (overall average value on 51 women). - By prolonging the treatment, the slimming effectiveness increases twice-fold in 1 month. Overall average value: 3.3 cm (measured on the hips). * Cosmetic action during use which does not involve weight loss
Notte Notte
Gel Gel
Cool fresh effect Cool fresh effect
How to Use it
Apply every evening before going to bed for at least 7 nights on the areas to be treated (thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach). For better slimming results, continue the treatment for 4 weeks. Use the product on the areas you want to slim down. 1. Apply 7 Nights Cream by massaging thoroughly from the knee up to the hips 2. Concentrate on the inner thigh by taking a fold of skin between your fingers and move up. 3. Reshape the hips by massaging in an upward motion We recommend performing several cycles of treatment throughout the year, also in combination with or alternating with other body treatments.
For whom
IDEAL FOR Skin with localised fat deposits on the legs, thighs and buttocks, for an intensive slimming and draining effect and results in just 7 nights.
Why buy
Because it reduces localised fat deposits, intensely drains skin fluids and smooths the skin in just 7 nights, with a pleasant cool effect on the skin.
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