Legs Draining Intensive Cryogel

The cryoactive draining gel that combats water retention and reshapes the silhouette of the legs.
The cryoactive multi-action gel that drains intensely in a single gesture, combatting water retention and reshaping the silhouette of the legs. Contains a special smoothing polymer that gives an immediate ""perfect legs"" effect.

The ice-effect cryoactive gel texture immediately lowers the skin temperature for an immediate sensation of lightness.
Clinically proven efficacy
Clinical Tests

The effectiveness of this product has been proven in a placebo-controlled instrumental-clinical test conducted on 50 women with mild to moderate fat deposits located on the legs, accompanied by water retention.

After 4 weeks of treatment:

  • Reduces the circumference of the legs by 2cm and of the ankles by 1.1cm (overall average value on 50 women)
  • Causes an immediate drop in skin temperature of 1.9° C (average value) for the next 10 minutes after application.
Legs Legs
Gel Gel
Cool fresh effect Cool fresh effect
How to Use it
Ideal for legs swollen and weighed down by water retention.

Perform even circular movements from the ankle towards the thigh. Always massage in the direction of the heart, upwards.

Form a circle with your fingers around the ankle and slowly work your way up the leg with both hands. The constant pressure helps drain excess fluid.

As soon as it is applied, it gives an immediate ice effect for a pleasant feeling of freshness and lightness.
For whom

Skin with water retention concentrated in the legs for an intensive cryogenic action. Gives immediate relief to heavy legs.
Why buy
Because it gives an immediate feeling of lightness and a pleasant cold effect.
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