Intensive Night 10™ Slimming Treatment

Slimming efficacy by up to 2,5 cm in 10 nights* while sleeping. Soft and smooth skin.

From Somatoline Cosmetic scientific research comes Intensive Night 10™ Slimming Treatment, the latest slimming treatment which slims the silhouette and makes the skin more beautiful, soft and smooth in only 10 nights.

Recommended for

- women with localized fat in the hips and thighs, who are looking for a shock treatment with rapid results;
- women with a sedentary lifestyle.


- fosters the reduction of adipose accumulation;
- stimulates the cutaneous microcirculation;
- facilitates the draining of localised excess fluid.

Active ingredients

Its innovative formula contains the BioSlim10-complex™, a complex with a high concentration of active slimming ingredients, enriched with white clay, marine salts and shea butter.
The smoothing power of the white clay and marine salts combined with nutritious and emollient shea butter help to make the skin
visibly more beautiful, soft and smooth.

Instructions for use

Apply every evening for 10 continuous nights. Let the cream penetrate with a light, circular massaging motion until the cream is completely absorbed. To enhance the obtained results, continue the treatment for a further 10 nights.
Wash hands after use.
After a few minutes, a warm sensation may be experienced, possibly accompanied by a slight tingling and temporary pinking of the skin. The intensity of these reactions, which usually disappear after 30 minutes, results from the cosmetic action of the product and depends on individual sensitivity.
These effects are temporary and should not be confused with intolerance to the product.

Clinical study results

A placebo-controlled clinical instrumental trial was conducted on 89 women with superficial, moderate fatty deposits localised on the hips, thighs and waist. The clinical instrumental evaluations demonstrated that regular and correct application and massaging of the product after 10 nights of treatment:
- acted on the localised fatty deposits and excess water, reducing the circumference of the waistline and hips by up to 2,5 cm in just 10 nights during sleep (average value obtained for 15 out of 44 women). Average value obtained on the total sample: 1.4 cm;
- slimming effectiveness is enhanced when the treatment is continued for a further 10 nights.
*The slimming effect is due to the cosmetic remodelling
action of the product during use, which does not
involve weight loss.
°Makes skin soft and smooth, thus more beautiful
compared with skin when not using the product.

Formats available:
400 ml and 250 ml pots